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Recruitment Information
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Recruitment Information

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Recruitment Information

Leading driver:

Company:Jinde Logistics Co., Ltd.
Location:Shandong Jining City
Hands-on background:More than 3 years:
Number of recruits:1 person
Professional requirements:Age 28-33 years old, healthy, high school/technical secondary school education or above,
job responsibilities:
1, maintain good professional ethics, dedicated service attitude, timely delivery of leadership;
2. Consciously abide by the company's rules and regulations, obey the allocation of the company's leadership, regularly report on the operation of vehicles, ensure the safe operation of vehicles, and record the route and journey of vehicles.
3. Be conscious of not driving in violation of regulations, not using cars selfishly, not driving after drinking, not using gas cars.
4. During the absence from work, they must arrive at the office on time according to the company's working and rest time, and obey the unified dispatch of the administrative supervisor.
5. Vehicle maintenance and maintenance expenses must be applied in advance, and after approval, they should be repaired at designated maintenance plants to maintain good vehicle shape and vehicle cleaning.
6. Be responsible for the payment of various taxes and fees for vehicles, quarterly and annual examination of vehicles and the handling of vehicle change business.
7. Keep secrets strictly and do not spread the contents of Leaders'speeches at will.
8. Perform other tasks assigned by superiors.
Job requirements: 1. Over three years driving experience, skilled driving skills, familiar with the surrounding road environment;
2. Good image and good communication skills;
3. Work conscientiously and responsibly, be steady and steady, and be able to guarantee the company's use of cars at any time.
4. Good time management ability;
5. Good personal qualities;
6. Good language skills;
7. Good execution.
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Company:Jinde Logistics Co., Ltd.
Location:Shandong Jining City
Hands-on background:More than 3 years:
Number of recruits:1 person
Professional requirements:Age: 25-45 years old, healthy, college or above
1. Establish accounts and check with business regularly.
2. Master the related work of issuing invoices and applying for purchase of invoices;
3. Cash collects testing fees, reconciles and hands over daily.
Job requirements: 1. Accounting-related major, college degree or above, with accounting qualification certificate;
2. More than 2 years working experience, general taxpayer enterprise working experience is preferred;
3. Careful, dedicated, hardworking, with good professional ethics;
4. Quick thinking, strong acceptance, independent thinking, good at summarizing work experience;
5. Skillful application of financial and office software, practical operation of financial systems such as Kingdee and UFI is preferred;
6. Good communication skills;
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Heavy truck repair

Company:Jinde Logistics Co., Ltd.
Location:Shandong Jining City
Hands-on background:More than 3 years:
Number of recruits:1 person
Professional requirements:Age: 30-47 years old, healthy, college or above
1. Management of daily affairs in after-sales service department;
2. Establish after-sales service management system and business process standards;
3. Formulate after-sales service work plan to ensure the completion of monthly and quarterly operating indicators of after-sales service;
4. Formulate after-sales service training plan;
5. Dealing with major customer complaints;
6. Maintain smooth channels of communication and communication with relevant personnel of the manufacturer;
7. Receiving, reading, publicizing and executing notices and documents issued by manufacturers;
8. Feedback all kinds of reports, documents and information to manufacturers;
9. Be responsible for organizing and implementing service activities.
Job requirements: 1. College degree or above in automobile repair; more than ten years experience in automobile maintenance and at least three years experience in service station master;
2. Familiar with the management mode of heavy truck service station, Oman, Heavy Truck and Liberation Service Station are preferred;
3. Familiar with Weichai, Xichai, Cummins, Oman, Heavy Truck Engine, Faster and other general gearbox maintenance, familiar with heavy truck circuit maintenance experience;
4. Strong ability of organizing, coordinating, communicating and resolving emergencies, rich experience in team building and management;
5. Strong self-learning ability and industry knowledge learning ability, able to work under pressure, good sense of service and team spirit.
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