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Human Resource
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Human Resource

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Human Resource

Talent is the capital of the company, and talent is the most precious wealth, and the door of our Company is open to all aspiring people. 。 
  Employment  standard  of  the  Company  is:  be  innovative  and enterprising.  
  The competition mechanism of the Company is: the able person, the peace maker, the mediocre person.  
  The Company tries its best: to make people fit for their positions and positions fit for them.  
  The Company would like to retain people by treatment, but prefers to do so by career and emotion.

  The talent strategy has always been an important part of Jining Jinde Logistics  Co.,  Ltd.,and  the  purpose  of  Jinde  Logistics  is  to  "know people  well  and  use  them  to  the  best  of  their  ability",  and  the consistent  principle  of  Jinde  Logistics  is  to  "recruit  talents  and develop  talents",  which  is  also  the  core  of  Jinde  Logistics  talent strategy. In  the  growth  process  of  Jinde  Logistics,  first-class  talentshave created a solid foundation for the Company.  

  "People-oriented"  is  an  important  concept  of  corporate  culture,  and talents  are  the  first  resource  and  the  foundation  of  enterprise development  and  competition.  In  the  Company,  there  are  broad personal development space, excellent personal growth environment, effective  performance  evaluation  and  incentive  mechanism,  rich corporate  culture  and  generous  welfare  treatment;  in  the  Company, there  is  a  set  of  scientific  talent  recruitment,  selection,  use  and development of human resources management system. All this makes every idealand capable person to exert in each respective post and to realize the ego aspiration!

  Jining Jinde Logistics Co., Ltd., whose employees have the sense of recognition for enterprise value, the sense of belonging to the career, the  sense  of  achievement  for  struggle  and  the  sense  of  security  for life.  

  Jining Jinde Logistics Co., Ltd., a life stage for an employee to release energy!