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Jinde Automobile Service
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Telephone:0537-7925728 Fax:0537-7925728 Zip code:272100 Address: Xinglongzhuang Town Industrial Park, Yanzhou District, Jining City, Shandong Province

Jinde Automobile Service

Jinde auto repair

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      Jinde Automobile Service, belonging to Jining Jinde Logistics Group and according  to  the  maintenance  enterprise  standards  of  Class  I  and the Auman  image  service  station  to  be  designed,  planned  and  built,  now owns  the  Class  II  maintenance  enterprise  qualification,  and  sets  up  the Auman special service station. The main plant area covers 3,500 square meters,  and  the  maintenance  workshop  covers  more  than  2,000  square meters, and the outdoor parking area covers 2,700 square meters and the accessory warehouse is 1,000 square meters. The main business includes the  mainstream  brand  vehicle  types,  such  as  Auman,  Foton,  FAW, Liuzhou Motor, Dongfeng, Heavy Duty Truck, Shaanxi Automobile, etc. The  maintenance  workshop  is  equipped  with  five  standardized maintenance  stations,  with  maintenance  equipment  and  advanced  tools, various  complete  accessories,  which  is  equipped  with  advanced equipment such as multi-functional four-column hydraulic press, muzzle forceps, air compressor, tire scraper, electronically controlled pneumatic scraper  and  steering  shaft  assembly,  etc,  and all  kinds  of  special maintenance  tools  for  Auman.  Such  as  reception  service  and  customer lounge of Jinde Automobile Service are built according to the standard of 4S service station. Jinde Automobile Service has more than 20 employees, including 2 engineers, 9 maintenance technicians with more than 10-year experience  (6  assembly  technicians),  college  graduates  accounting  for 60% of the staff. Our service tenet is "a telephone can make you be not worried, I will not rest until you are satisfied" and strive to become the maintenance industry leader of Yanzhou heavy duty truck.   

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