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Can the evaluation mechanism of the "magic weapon" of express delivery enterprises enhance the service experience of consumers?

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he army of millions of couriers is gradually becoming the core of guaranteeing the "last kilometer" delivery timeliness of parcels, and also the key link of guaranteeing consumers'service experience. However, due to the low entry threshold, uneven quality of employees and other factors seriously restricting the development of the industry, "evaluation mechanism" has quietly become a "magic weapon" for express delivery enterprises to complete self-iteration and service upgrading. Recently, Shentong and Yuantong distributed tens of millions of stars to encourage couriers to provide five-star services to the news network. It is reported that this is the "Express Star Program" launched by the major express companies in the United Nations. A month later, the "Cutter Party" used more than 50 million logistics evaluations to select the favorite couriers. The award amounted to tens of millions of yuan and nearly 40,000 star couriers. Quality Service "Put on the agenda" Data show that from 2016 to 2018, the number of Chinese couriers has increased by 50%, and the total number has exceeded 3 million. And the army of millions of couriers is strongly supporting China's online retail market. Shentong relevant responsible person in an interview with reporters said: "Shentong to better service terminal courier to give a certain reward. The specific operation is to give the corresponding score according to the evaluation stars given by the customers to the courier. The higher the score, the greater the chance to get the reward. This kind of evaluation incentive mechanism has obviously improved the user experience and been affirmed by customers. According to July statistics, there are 22,000 couriers in Shentong who actually get "Star Award", and the amount of reward issued to couriers is more than 8 million yuan. Xingyang Shentong brother Li Yongtao received a thousand yuan award this time. According to his description, he dispatches more than 200 parcels a day. He calls in advance and comes to the door on demand. The telephone fee is several hundred yuan a month. And because the local can only use two-wheeled vehicles, he will carry the overweight to the door with his hand on his shoulder. Debon has always advocated "the best of everything, the best of people." Debon believes that a series of incentives can encourage couriers to provide better service, so as to bring users a better express experience. On September 3, President Cui Weixing of Debon made clear two characteristics of the incentive plan at the first Stage of Employee Stock Ownership Plan of Debon: one is that the incentive scope is large and the number of incentives is large; the other is that the better the company's performance, the more personal income. Debon has corresponding incentive mechanism for employees at both institutional and spiritual levels. At the institutional level, Debon has set corresponding standards for five-star couriers, such as not only large-scale express delivery upstairs, but also through more than 20 assessment indicators, such as fewer complaints about service, faster timeliness, reasonable freight and qualified packaging. Five-star couriers not only get honors, but also tangible rewards. At the 2018 annual meeting in Debon, Cui Weixing awarded 82 "five-star couriers" who had done excellent service to customers with 8.2 million yuan of gold. On the spiritual level, the company will hold collective weddings for 50 people who have no complaints in one year and have the highest star rating. In addition, Debon Express has done a lot of work in terms of employees'families. Up to now, Debon has paid "wages" to employees'families for more than ten years in a row. During the 20 years from birth to university, children of employees in Debon will receive various subsidies from Debon, including the birth gift of employees, the nutrition fees of children and education expenses. "The implementation of courier evaluation mechanism has promoted the overall network of consumers'positive comments to grow by more than eight times." In order to encourage couriers to improve their service quality, Baishi Express Headquarters has given an additional incentive of 0.06 yuan per unit fee to courier orders sent and signed by couriers with five-star monthly "Star Plan" rating since August, and the headquarters incentive budget has no upper limit. Secondly, Baishi Express will select "platinum five-star" courier on the whole network every month. The selected courier will be awarded 2000 yuan per person in cash. Service Experience is a Hard Index Indeed, if express companies want to "kill" in the fierce competition, service experience is a hard indicator. In fact, it is closely related to the completion of rigid indicators for enterprises to reward or establish evaluation mechanism for employees. Some experts in the industry believe that the classification of "five-star courier" has essentially solved the problems of lack of past evaluation criteria, single incentive means and insufficient demonstration effect. As the direct transmitter of service, courier bears the function of experience transmission, and the service quality is unstable. The more important point is that courier is uncertain and uncertain about his own evaluation, incentive and demonstration. Once the problems behind are solved, it will also have positive significance for the improvement and stability of service quality. However, whether it can bring about overall and long-term improvement depends on the coverage, mode and cycle of relevant mechanisms. At present, courier workers have a heavy workload and have been working for many years. Recently, there have been many discriminatory incidents among news reporters, which is due to their lack of social care. In order to improve the service experience, enterprises must first serve their employees well, so that the social status of employees can be improved and affirmed. Shentong relevant person in charge said: "Through star-level incentives to improve the service awareness of couriers, while increasing courier revenue, customers affirm, better echoes the mission of the enterprise: let customers enjoy new life of express delivery, let employees realize personal value, let enterprises assume social responsibility." There has always been a saying in the industry that "the customer gets the world", and Debon is no exception. What the express industry wants is